Before application, the surface should be leveled and freed of dust and oil. Freshly prepared concrete floors should be cleaned with 10% hydrochloric acid followed by thoroughly washing with water. The floor should be allowed to dry completely. Application is carried out by means of a brush or spray gun. The first coat consists of a mixture of Antistatic Protecto-Florgard 10A and 20A in the ratio of 100:50 by weight. The material should be applied evenly and formation of puddles should be avoided as this may give rise to blisters. The first coat is allowed to set overnight before applying the second coat. The second and third coats consist of a mixture of Antistaitc Protecto-Florgard 10A and 30A in the ratio of 100:20 by weight. A gap of 5 to 6 hours is required between the second and third coat. The floor can be used for walking within 24 hours after the third coat. Heavy objects can be moved on the floor after 4 to 5 days.


First Coat:              150 grams/sq.m
Second Coat:        120 grams/sq.m
Third Coat:            120 grams/sq.m


Physical Properties
Description Liquid System
Tensile strength (Kg/sq.cm) 80
Elongation (%) 60
Tear Strength (Kg/cm) 8
Hardness shore A 805
Specific Gravity 10.05
Abrasion Resistance (grams/1000) cycles 0.1 to 0.3
Electrical Properties
Electrical Resistance as per BS 2050: 1978
Antistatic charge with 2KV/metre reading 300 V (approx.)