SurfaPaint ThermoDry Exterior Paint
  • High quality paint with thermal insulating properties, ideal for exterior use

  • Its thermal insulating particles block heat transfer, reflect thermal radiation, and create a moisture barrier

  • Significant energy savings and mould prevention

  • Elastomeric formulation for crack bridging

  • Can be used as a tinting base for light shades

Certification & Testing
Thermal Conductivity: 0.1 W/(mK), (EN ISO 12667:2004). The corresponding value of a conventional paint is 0.50 W/(mk).
Thermal Reflectance: 94.2% Reflection in the IR region of light (700nm - 2.2μm ASTM G173).
Liquid water permeability: "non-permeable" by water according to EN ISO 1062-3:2008
Fungal resistance: excellent resistant against fungi & algae, Class 1 according to BS3900-G6:1989