SurfaPore ThermoDry
Select paints for internal or external use that can be diluted with water by 5-10% before use. It cannot be added in solvent based paints.

Shake and stir vigorously before use. It is possible that a solid layer may have developed on top, which will disappear by shaking well or stirring. Ensure tha the container that you selected matches your selected volume of paint. By using the containers of paint and SurfaPore ThermoDry, empty the contents of one container into the other, until your mix is completely homogeneous. Apply your mix in the same manner you would have applied the paint you selected. It does not alter drying time. It does not alter colour tone. It does not alter texture in flat/matte finish paints. In satin or glossy finish paints test before application.

Available Packaging: Containers for mixing with 3L, 5L and 10L of water based acrylic paints